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Nerds on Sports March Madness Tournament

Here's a single elimination tournament of various nerd culture icons. They don't specify the criteria for picking one over another. I assume it's who'd win a fight, although it could be just which one you like more.

Some of the matchups are just stupid, pitting people/creatures with magic-powers and techno-babble powers against normal humans. Who'd win a fight between the T-1000 and Inigo Montoya? The correct answer to that question is, "Are you some sort of moron?"
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Ultimate Movie and TV Badass Tournament - Update

[x-posted to my own journal]

I've compiled all of the entries for the Ultimate Movie and TV Badass Challenge. Currently, there are 108 of them. This would work best with a power of two, so I either need 20 more suggestions, or to remove 44 people, or else figure out some sort of seeding system and give a bunch of the people first round byes.

Feel free to make more suggestions or argue that someone should be removed. Especially look at the list sorted by actor to find redundantly similar characters, and argue which one should stay and which should go. For your new suggestions, remember the rule that it's humans with no superpowers only.

Also, does anyone want to actually run this tournament? If we wait for me to make an entry once every few weeks, it will take forever to finish.

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Ultimate Movie and TV Badass Tournament

I think it's time for another whodwinafight tournament. Last year's King of Beasts was pretty fun. Let's do something like that again.

So who's the ultimate movie/TV badass? Who could kick the ass of all the rest? I'm opening the floor for nominations, and then I'll pick the best 2^n choices and put them in a bracket, much like last year's King of Beasts tournament.

A couple of rules:

1. Humans with no superpowers only. There doesn't seem to be much point discussing what would happen if Rambo fought Superman, Dumbledore, or Optimus Prime. (Although I'd watch a movie about Rambo fighting the T-1000.) But comic-book style characters without superpowers are fine.

2. Feel free to nominate multiple incarnations of the same character if they're different enough. For example, the Connery and Craig James Bonds should probably both be in the tournament. Ditto with the Keaton and Bale Batmans.

3. Try to avoid characters that are nearly identical. Can you tell the difference between John Matrix (Commando) and Dutch (Predator)? Because I can't.

4. Heroes, villains, and supporting characters are all fine.

Make your nominations in comments, and feel free to argue over other people's suggestions.

Here are some of my nominations:

- James Bond (Connery)
- James Bond (Craig)
- Batman (Keaton)
- Batman (Bale)
- John Matrix or Dutch (I'm open to either one. Argue for one or the other in comments)
- Vic Mackey
- John McClane
- John Rambo
- Jack Bauer
- B.A. Baracus
- Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket)
- Frank Castle (The Punisher)
- Ellen Ripley or Hicks or Hudson or Vasquez (convince me which is best)
- James T Kirk
- Hannibal Lecter
- Frank Martin (The Transporter)
- Big Chris (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) or Bullet Tooth Tony (Snatch)
- Major Reisman (The Dirty Dozen)
- Blondie (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) or Joe (A Fistful of Dollars)
- Kikuchiyo (The Seven Samurai)
- Han Solo
- Indiana Jones
- Walker, Texas Ranger (Note that he doesn't get any Chuck Norris superpowers)
- Jason Bourne

This list is just based on my thinking of names for 10 minutes. I'm sure there are some obvious people missing, so don't berate me with, "How could you leave off [insert badass here]?" That's why I'm asking other people to submit their nominations. Also, if you think any of my suggestions are pussies, go ahead and argue why.

And is anyone interested in actually running this tournament? I've had a lot more work to do at work lately, so I don't know if I'll have to time to post about it every day.
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Jeri Thompson vs. Elizabeth Kucinich

It's the showdown of trophy wives of Presidential candidates!


Poll #1121846 Candidate's Wives

Who would win a fight between Jeri Thompson and Elizabeth Kucinich?

Note that these are just the women fighting without help from their husbands. So these facts about Fred Thompson won't come into play.
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George Clooney vs. Fabio

They got into a "scuffle" over the weekend, but who would win an all-out fight?


Clooney is 46*, Fabio is 48.

Who'd win a fight between George Clooney and Fabio?

George Clooney

* Huh. I really thought Clooney was older than that, but Wikipedia doesn't lie, except for when it frequently does.