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On a mailing list I'm on, we're currently arguing who would win a fight between Somali pirates, the Pirates of the Caribbean (from the movie), the pirates from the porno Pirates, and the file-traders at Pirates Bay.

What are your thoughts? The obvious answer is that the Somali pirates have guns. But I'm sure you can come up with a more creative reason to argue for one of these.

Argue it out in comments.

Poll #1300320 Piratorama

Who'd win a four-way battle royale?

Somali pirates
Pirates of the Caribbean
Porno Pirates
Pirates Bay
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Nerds on Sports March Madness Tournament - Round 2

Round Two of the Nerds on Sports tournament is up.

Apparently, the T-1000 barely beat Inigo Montoya, thus demonstrating the shocking fact that a lot of people on the Internet are morons.

Some of the Round Two match-ups are actually a bit interesting:

Poll #1156379 Nerds on Sports Round Two

Batman vs. Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles)

Mr. Incredible

Buffy Summers vs. Morpheus (from The Matrix)


Indiana Jones vs. Wolverine

Indiana Jones

I mocked them last round for putting normal people against people/creatures with super or magic powers. However, Batman has some technobabble powers. And both he and Indiana Jones are much smarter than their opponent, and are used to facing super or supernatural opponents. So these should be good fights.

Edit: Whoops. I just noticed perich already posted about this. I had seen his post, but mistakenly thought it was his personal journal rather than the community. So my apologies for the duplicate.
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Nerds On Sports - Sweet Sixteen

Thanks again to everyone who voted in last week's first round of the Nerds on Sports March Madness Tournament.

The results are up, as well as a new survey to vote in. This week's lineup:

Hyrule Conference

Jack Bauer vs. T-1000

Batman vs. Mr. Incredible

Buffy Summers vs. Morpheus

Captain James T. Kirk vs. Drizz’t Do’urden

Paragon City Conference

Indiana Jones vs. Wolverine

Optimus Prime vs. The Operative

Rick Deckard vs. Luke Skywalker

Legolas vs. Harry Potter